The Hercules Fitness Challenge is a run coupled with some of the best and most challenging Obstacles anywhere. We have four different categories: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite.

The major difference between Elite and Advanced is that Elite is a competitive category and is the first wave of runners to begin. Though all athletes are timed, the Elite category is not only competing against each other, but are in front of the pack to beat their personal best. There are a few slight variations to Elite Obstacles and distances, which are modified to accommodate the competitive nature of the category.

What sets the Hercules Fitness Challenge apart from other races is the ability to accommodate all fitness categories, from Beginners to Elite. 

This year, the Paintball Battle Field will not be a team obstacle but will be instead an individual effort. Each athlete will be required to hit one target while avoiding our Hercules snipers!

Our vision is to create an environment where through goal setting, hard work, and teamwork, all participants can dig deep and accomplish the goals set before them. Accept the challenge and REGISTER NOW!