Welcome to the Hercules Fitness Challenge and Hercules Kids Race.  We're excited that you have or are considering to Accept the Challenge.  As the directors of this growing event, our mission is for participants to see a vision of themselves they may not have seen before, to set goals, get focused, move their bodies and reach for their Inner Hercules.  We are committed to enhancing participant experience with each event and to remain among the leaders of health and fitness in our community.  
~ Damola, Edin, Ramon

RACE promoter

Damola Akinyemi is a visionary, entrepreneur and fitness expert.  His travels through 4 continents and nearly 40 countries nurture his "life's an adventure" philosophy.  From playing semi professional basketball in Spain to modeling in Dubai and Scotland, his life has been shaped by fitness in some way or another.

The Hercules Fitness Challenge has become a great passion for Damola as it opens a window for fitness to be fun and challenging at the same time.  It's an opportunity to be young and carefree, to run through mud, climb walls and finish stronger and healthier.  It's a win-win.


HFC Ed's Head Shot.jpg

community involvement DIRECTOR

Edin moved to the Hudson Valley in 2006, started a family and has never looked back.  His broad experience in project management, product negotiation, construction and real estate sales bring an abundance of skills and information to the Hercules.  Ed’s passion for mental health and physical wellness is evidenced through his commitment to fitness.  As a CrossFit CFL-1 certified trainer and respected coach in Orange County’s fitness community, the Hercules is one of Edin’s primary vehicles to deliver that extra light in the lives of many people.  

Some of Ed’s responsibilities include fostering relationships within our community as a means to promote growth and change, as well as creating sponsorship opportunities that benefit both the sponsor and the Hercules.  In addition, Ed directs our event staff.   


HFC Ramon Headshot IMG_0061.png

Ramon Polenberg
construction director

Ramon is a health and fitness professional with a passion for motivating and training those who never thought they would participate in fitness challenges.  His diverse background in videography, music production and carpentry lends itself to multiple responsibilities for the Hercules. 

A primary focus for Ramon is working closely with the engineer during design and construction of obstacles as well overseeing the assembling and disassembling of obstacles at the event venue.