Registration/Check-in: 6:00 - 7:00 AM
National Anthem: 7:30 AM
Zumba Warm-up: 7:45 AM


Finish Line Festival immediately following as finishers cross the line.

Starting Time Waves

We are pleased to announce that for our venue, the "Jungle Run" will be over 7k for the advanced and elite categories. We also have the biggest ropes course in NY as our venue, so your family should prepare to have a blast while they wait for you with an array ranging from zip lining, pendulum tires, cargo nets, and rock climbing walls.
We are Pleased to announce that There WILL BE parking on the Venue for ALL athletes, volunteers, and spectators.
We have worked out 3 adjacent parking spaces all walking distance from the venue and additionally we will have a Hay ride and a bus transporting athletes from parking to the starting line!

Where do I go once I've arrived at the venue? 

Shuttle bus and Hay ride will park at the entrance by the lower horseshoe parking. Upon entry into venue, please proceed uphill to the WAIVER Tents. Volunteers and spectators - please follow signs for the appropriate waiver tent. If you are lost, follow appropriate signage or look for a yellow EVENT STAFF shirt for assistance.
After signing waivers, all athletes will proceed to the Registration/Race Packets station located in the START corridor.

We Will Have volunteers directing you at all times.

What do I wear?

Non-restrictive, form-fitting clothing made of lightweight synthetic material that won’t weigh you down when wet. Head band, scrunchies, hair ties, XC sneakers, gloves, socks, etc.
Bring a change of clothes. There will be mud and water. Hope to not fall into either - however, you will most likely  get wet and sweaty.
Leave the sunglasses at home; they’re usually the first casualty on the obstacle course, with iPods, wallets, and car keys a close second.
Train in your race clothing to make sure it is comfortable.

Visit the PREPARE page for additional information.

Can my family and friends see me on the obstacle course?

We want your fans to get as close to the action as possible. Due to the nature of paintball, spectators are not permitted, but can watch from safe distances. Most Obstacles allow spectators to move along the obstacle course by following designated paths so that they can cheer for their family and friends and get some great action photos.
Designated spectator paths are outlined for safe spectating.
To ensure the safety and unobstructed movement of spectators and participants of the HFC and HKR, spectators must remain within the designated paths.

What if it rains? 

The Hercules Fitness Challenge and the Hercules Kids Race are rain or shine events.

Paintball Rules


There will be NO team requirements to complete the paintball battlefield this year! Each athlete will be required to conquer the field by taking out a single target! However, our very able snipers are still on active duty!

There are 3 separate fields for Paintball. They will be clearly marked 1) Beginners 2) Intermediate 3) Advanced/Elite.

Full head masks, Hercules Shields, paintball guns, paintballs are provided to each athlete at the entrance of each category.

Note: Full chest Amour and body suits are available for rent -$7.00 each.

Note: It is our opinion that the body shield will suffice for this Obstacle. Body suits and chest armor will weigh you down!
This year we have made paintball an individual obstacle. Each individual/will be required to take out  a clearly marked Hercules Target. With shields and a half-squat, the shield should cover each or all athletes. 

You are allowed to shoot back at snipers, while scouting your targets and avoiding sniper fire. For this obstacle, you must slowdown in order to speed up. Good luck!