The Hercules is a run through the Not-So Enchanted Forest and across diverse terrain, with 28 challenging obstacles, including PAINTBALL BATTLEFIELD!

The Hercules Fitness Challenge offers four categories of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite, so this race appeals to obstacle course racing beginners as well as the seasoned athlete. 

The overall course comprises a 5K Run (beginner & intermediate) or 7K Run (advanced & elite) and 28 obstacles of varying difficulty within “12 Labors” or sections. The entry corridor for each obstacle is color-coded to the category of difficulty. Orange for Beginners, Red for Intermediates, Black for Advanced, Blue for Elite.  

For those superheroes who want more after they cross the finish line, feel free to run it again, no extra fee for additional fun and exhaustion!     




Our intention for the beginner category of difficulty is to encourage people to try something they may not have envisioned themselves doing, to safely challenge these newcomers to obstacle course racing and to design a race course that promotes a sense of accomplishment.  Encouragement, safety, achievementand fun is the formula for this category!  


Racers in the intermediate category may have experienced an obstacle course race before, or are avid fitness enthusiasts who have endured various tests of strength and endurance in their sport or personal exercise world.  Our intention is to not only challenge you to dig a little deeper then you may have before, but to see you complete the obstacles that once eluded you and finish the course with a bigger goal then when you started. 



Crossing the finish line by way of the advanced category demands these racers to reach for something inside of themselves that requires more then raw strength and more then a great deal of physical endurance.  This category of racer will keep digging inward, no matter the elements, no matter the pain.  Suffering to these racers is not the challenge, it's the little voice that repeatedly tells them to quit, for they know that is not an option. 



This category is for seasoned obstacle race competitors who love the grit and grind of a challeneging course and don't like newbies in their way! The Elite obstacles for this year are fined tuned to a level higher than the advanced category. The Elite category is also the first to proceed with the race because making the best time is of utmost importance when you are Elite!