May 20, 2017 Highlights

Obstacle Course.  All four (4) categories of difficulty will enter, proceed through and exit the obstacle course the same way.  Each category of difficulty will have its own signage and color-coded corridor for quick and easy entry to each obstacle.  You’ll navigate through the obstacle course with greater speed and efficiency due to improved race course design, improved signage, directional markings, pennant and color-coded tape lines.

Changing tents.  Women's and men's changing tents have been added for pre/post event comfort.

Spectators.  Get closer to the action by following designated paths along the obstacle course so you can cheer for your family and friends and get some great action photos. 

Friends help friends get through an obstacle.  Check out our obstacle policies on the GUIDELINES page.

Try a more challenging obstacle.  Beginners and Intermediates can build their confidence by trying a more advanced obstacle after they’ve completed their required obstacle.

Hercules Kids Race.  Be sure to register your 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 year old for our amazing HERCULES KIDS RACE. This venue is sure to be the hit of the day for the young Herculeans and cheering parents. They will climb, crawl, wiggle, jump, slide and go over, under, across and through a battlefield of super fun and exciting obstacles. Who wins at the end? Everyone! They’ll be showing off their finisher medal in school on Monday.  

Finish Line Festival.  This is the place to be after the Hercules Challenge participants and Hercules Kids have completed the obstacle course.  Food, music, beverage and a whole lot of endorphins will fill the air.  Check back for more details. 

8 New Obstacles added to our 16 signature obstacles.

More exciting changes and a few surprises are on the way so stay tuned and like us on Facebook to receive all the updates.